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Welcome to my website! (quarantaine made me do it)

Back in 2015, when I studied at the Conservatory of Amsterdam I attended a course on 'how to build a professional practice while still being in school'. Lesson 1: I seemed to be the only one without a personal artist website which caused a giggle along my classmates and made my face turn red like a bursting cartoon thermometer. The teacher capitulated a loud "who ARE you then?!" towards me and after some "eh's" I stumbled something like "I'm just practicing a lot". And the giggling increased into a loud laughter. So far my conservatory career.

Now, five years later, a few weeks in quarantaine made me do it: creating a personal artist page. (*giggles*) I even made a SHOP page on it where you can order my brand new cd 'La fille et le saxophone.' Free shipping in Holland. Eat that! (and stay healthy!)

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